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"Improving the skill increases the efficiency of known abilities and unlocks the new ones"

The folowing was a string of tips (9 full posts worth) posted in Kongregate by user blk_panther.


  • On first levelup skill 1 point in leadership and Intensive Training on every hero (they stack).
  • Skill points increase effectiveness of the abilities. For instance, Parry Master gives block: 5 + DefenseSkillLevel/2. If you have 10 skill ponts in Defense so you get +10 block with the ability. There are a huge amount of detailes so we decided to make it simplier.
  • Every arcane mage can get a skill (last one, need to be level 5) to summon a (fire/water/air/earth) elemental (very helpful, they tank good and water elemental uses Ranged attacks).
  • Ranged heroes / mages / priests can use the Salto ability to get out of melee combat, you can skill it from the beginning with 1 skill point in dodge and 1 in salto.
  • Every level every hero gets 2 skill points and 1 ability point. Every skill needs 1 skill point to be able to activate 2 abilities, 4 to get another 2 abilities and 7 to have all 6 unlocked.
  • Weapon skills have 4 abilities instead of 2 (so 12 instead of 6 total) and magic skill has no initial 2 skills (for 4 total abilities) but you have to decide if you want a mage (uses energy) or priest (uses willpower).
  • Level a hero (on easy) to level 6 without spending more than 5 ability points (so you have 7 left) to look at every available skill. [press the red x so it does not save]
  • Can skill how much/far per level: 2(starting skill), 3, 4, 5, 6, 15... (after level 5 the use is unrestricted)
  • Till level 5 you can put one more skill point in a skill than your level is. (So at level 3 you can put a maximum of 4 points in every skill).


  • There is a setting to automatically start the fight after the loading screen.
  • Buy the global regeneration spell (400g, try the towers in the castle or desert). You can only equip one global spell at a time, so don't bother with the others.
  • Strength increases bow damage, dexterity is responsible for dodge and accuracy. Fortitude gives hero a chance to ignore effect at all(chance depends on Fortitude), otherwise power of the effect will be reduced.
  • STRENGHT ratio bows: 1.5, 1-handed blades: 1, 2-handed weapons: 1.75, daggers: 0.2. (thx Lakzenn)
  • When hero decides to cast ability it takes into account enemy resistance. It's not a dominant factor but important one.
  • Equipped WEAPONS influence heroes fighting style (melee = near combat, ranged = far away)
  • Block work very well vs a lot of small attacks. Dodge works very well vs rare strong attacks (a hero can have both).
  • Heavy armor prevents stealth or dodge.
  • Critical hits deal 65% more damage.
  • A hero can have only one magic shield at the same time (Earth-, Holy-, Magic-, Chaos- or Water Shield)
  • Sometimes your heroes act like idiots. Use the retreat button. (thx tutorial)
  • Dropped items are better if your party is weaker than the enemy and the dropped items will be worse if you are stronger than the enemy.


  • Remember that you can always cancel while shopping, skilling, ... if you missclicked (also good to see what skills will become available next).
  • The map is always the same, but enemies, quests, chests, ... are random (sometimes themed, like ninjas invaded the castle)
  • Retreats regenerate (when you walked enough).
  • Use shift+click to buy or sell items while in a shop.
  • xp needed to level up: 50, 150, 325, 400, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 700, 700
  • Blessings overwrite permanent negative debuffs and vice versa. Some npcs (with yellow !) can be payed to remove them, too (no guarantee if/where they spawned).
  • Every x moves you made on the map a warning appears. After the fifth warning, the final Boss is getting free (you lose), but I never had more than one.