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Gods are beings that you can donate to/devote yourself to, to gain buffs and blessings. Usually, if you want to devote yourself to a god, you get a blessing, but cannot do certain things as it will remove you from their devotion. It also gives you optional tasks that you can do to get more blessings. Blessings, come from donating (around 10-100 gold), and last only a single Battle. if your a champion of a god though a blessing will last a while. most gods have rules if you devote to them, but some of them don't have rules so you can pretty much do anything.


Azor Sun Favor Increases health points of the heroes.
Gedo Stone Skin Increases the physical resistance of the heroes.
Nit Vampirism The heroes will restore health points upon dealing damage to enemies.
Tavros Battle Power The heroes attacks and spells deal more damage.
Zoon Shadow Favor Enhances block, dodge and invisibility time of the heNote: Devoteeroes.
Vazzar Random A random blessing from one of the other gods.

Donation Cost[]

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Normal 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80
Devotee 12 15 17 20 22 25 27 30 32 35 37 40

Note: Vazzar's blessings are half the normal cost. Vazzar's blessings for devotees of Vazzar or Zoon are half devotee cost.

Azor (Creator of the Sun)[]

Azor protects the life from daemons, undead and black magic. Those who follow his will, will be blessed, healed, and protected from certain death.

Is Pleased By

  • Using Holy Magic
  • Killing undead creatures

Is Displeased By

  • None
Level 1 Azor's Blessing A random hero gets a random buff at the start of a battle.
Level 2 Holy Protection The attacked hero has a chance to be healed.
Level 3 Resurrection Returns dead hero back to the fight (once per battle). (elemental summons and allies won't be resurrected)

Gedo (Guardian of Nature)[]

Gedo protects the nature and forbids hurting the animals in any way. In return, he'll grant you wisdom, regenerate your body and send his beasts to your aid.

Is Pleased By

  • You not killing animals and other natural creatures (e.g. Unicorns) Progresses from taking steps in the game without killing animals.

Is Displeased By

  • You killing animals and other natural creatures (e.g. Unicorns) (warning if you kill one animal that is friendly the god leaves you and all abilities given are lost. Be very careful and look at what exactly you are fighting to maintain the very useful animal friendship)
Level 1 Animal Friendship Animals act friendly to the heroes. Party

receives more experience after battles.

Level 2 Gift of Nature The heroes regenerate.
Level 3 Beastmasters The heroes start every fight with an animal. (animal level 5, like Bear, Unicorn or Raptor)

Nit, lord of the dead.

Nit (Lord of the Dead)[]

Nit hates living creatures and forbids using anything holy. Those who follow his will, will become his undead servants: strong, tough and draining life from their enemies.

Is Pleased By

  • Using Dark Magic
  • Killing living creatures

Is Displeased By

  • Using Holy Magic & Holy Weapons
Level 1 Blood Lust Heroes strength and energy are increased.
Level 2 Tirelessness Heroes toughness is increased.
Level 3 Death Knights Heroes gain vampirism and dark resistance, but can no longer be healed. (having red-colored eyes)

Tavros (God of Bravery and Valor)[]

Tavros hates cowards, fleeing from battle. If the heroes will prove themselves as great warriors, he'll grant them stronger attacks and magic, resistance and his loyal Valkyries.

Is Pleased By

  • Fighting Battles

Is Displeased By

  • Retreating from Battle
Level 1 Adrenaline Rush Increases attack speed, move speed and cast speed.
Level 2 Combat Trance Increases fortitude of the heroes. (+6 points)
Level 3 Valhalla's Favor If a hero dies on the battlefield, a Valkyrie will be summoned to fight for the heroes (twice per battle).

Zoon (God of Adventurism)[]

Zoon likes when his followers explore mysterious places. In return, you'll get a number of cunning tricks: blessings from other gods, tactical retreats and the are of Perfect Crime.

Is Pleased By

  • Delving into dungeons, caves, arenas, and other building based quests

Is Displeased By

  • None
Level 1 Divine Mask The heroes donate less money at the altars to get a blessing.
Level 2 Retreat Experts The heroes can retreat more often. (Max of 4 instead of 2)
Level 3 Perfect Criminals Items in shops and spells in libraries are free. The heroes are not able to sell stolen items.

Vazzar (Mad God of Rash Decisions)[]

Vazzar treats his followers as mere puppets and makes decisions for them. In return you'll get your critical strikes enhanced, magic amplified and unholy mutations making you stronger.

Is Pleased By

  • You listening to his decisions

Is Displeased By

  • You ignoring his decisions
Level 1 Chaos Attack A critical attack can curse the target creature with

a random debuff.

Level 2 Wild Magic Global spells become a lot more effective. (Spells are cast two times, e.g. Ice Prison freezes two enemy creatures, regeneration cast on two heroes)
Level 3 Twisted Inside The heroes attributes are increased. (by about 30%)

Tip: Vazzar makes his decision only when you speak to someone for the first time or enter a building with a choose option (e.g. Temple) or begin a certain quest (e.g. Find Elves). His decision cannot be changed later. It is possible, however, to reload the page and, if the game was saved beforehand, "reroll" Vazzar's decision. The same, actually, can be done with Arenas, Towers of Magic and similar events. Since the game is not automatically saved after these kinds of events, it is possible to "reroll" them as well.