Wondrous Lands Title Screen

Here is Wondrous Lands internal files. Unfortunately, part of the game logic is hardcoded(like like abilities parameters), but there are an information that could be interesting:

Ability images, Global spell images, Gods images




Notepad++ is the best free tool to work with xml files, but it also could be opened using notepad.

Xml files detailed description:

abilities.xml - heroes abilities.

achievements.xml - game achievements

addplaces.xml - places that heroes can visit

altars.xml - gods altars

artefactNames.xml - artefact names

baseparams.xml - base parameter descriptions

camps.xml - mercenaries

commonMonsters.xml - non-humanoid monsters and it's parameters

enchants.xml - enchant names

equipment.xml - available equipment

events.xml - ambushes ect.

globalEffect.xml - global effects

heroes names - generated hero names

humanoidMonsters - humanoid monsters and it's parameters

infoEquip - internal stuff to view equip

interfaces.xml - internal stuff  for UI

map.xml - internal info for generating map

mercenary.xml - mercenaries description

monsterFeatures.xml - monster features description

quests.xml - quests description

questText.xml - messages for quests

races.xml - races description

skills.xml - skills description

speakingStruct.xml - monster messages on a global map

testMap.xml - test map for internal testing

timer.xml - timer messages

tooltip.xml - tooltip messages

triggerPlace.xml - places that heroes can visit

unitSounds.xml - game sounds

Also If you need additional info here is my email: drakonian_lord@tut.by

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